Are these side and rear bumper stickers on the very same car oxymoronic or what?

Thomas Jefferson, the founding father of LIBERALISM in America, yes indeed, was also a Christian, owned a gun and proposed the Bill of Rights in our Constitution that protect our right to bear arms, our right to practice any religion freely and our right to speak freely, even if we do so oxymoronically. I think Jefferson was a bit too liberal and revolutionary to ever be called “conservative,” however. Consevatives in the revolutionary times were AKA “tories” and “redcoats.” :D

Jefferson also did not drive a Honda CR-V, the first “crossover” (a sedan shaped like an SUV) and one of the most fuel efficient vehicles in its class.

My favorite part of these photos is the lovely spring tree reflected in the chrome trim on the side of the car, a touch that adds to the overall irony of the mixed messages.